This demo shows how to create menu in html
The method used here is very efficient because all the processing is done at client side. As well as client caches the menu during first view. So from second page site response will be much faster

Menu object and sub class are defined in dommenu.js you can add this to you page with out any modification. And default appearance is defined at dommenu.css which is also added with out any modification.

Items appearing on menu is defined at menutest.js and if you need to override appearance modify menutestovr.css

In this example color values used for of menu items are system colors
which comes from menutestovr.css

Test Index
1. Test Home menutestmain.html
2. Menu Side menutestsub1.html
3. System Font menutestsub2.html
4. Different Color menutestsub3.html
5. DOM Menu Home

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