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Vote for bug 114376 to get native OOo view support in Firefox.
Meanwhile you can use following crude bookmarklet to achieve the same.

Bookmarklet ==>> VU OOo

Function : covert OOo documents *.odt, *.ods, *.odp, *.swx, *.swc, *.swi etc to a viewable *.html

To test
1. copy above bookmarklet to you tool bar
2. now go to
3. copy url (as link)
4. run bookmarklet View OOo
5. on prompt paste url

You can also test this with other OOo formats
1. sxw file - (as link)
2. ods file - (as link)
3. odp file - (as link)

Bookmarklet code

Licensed to use under
* CreativeCommons